1.45" Glass Art Marble Eye of the Shaman orb home art curio by Kenny Talamas

Glass Marble

Product Overview

 Glass Marble

Eye of the Shaman

 Lampworked (flameworked) with durable Borosilicate (Pyrex) Glass

 made by Kenny Talamas at Vortex Glassworks


1.45 inches (36.9 mm) Diameter 

 Every KT Eye Marble is unique. This one has an intricate, sculpted shaman face made from multi-colored, beige glass. The ears have aqua earrings and the mouth has a protruding pink tongue. The forehead has a wide open third eye with an intense aqua iris. It is also has translucent purple raised bumps texture on the surface. 

signed and dated by the artist

 You can look at this marble for hours, or, It can look at You for hours !

 This Marble makes a great Paperweight or Collector's Piece.  You can also place this marble under water in an Aquarium!

A clear acrylic stand is included but this marble has an attitude and doesn't like sitting on the stand.

 KILN ANNEALED overnight for Maximum durability.

 "We make glass Art, but, you help make that possible"   

 NOTE: The Photos are enlarged to show the details and colors, please see the actual size above.

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