About Vortex Glassworks


Vortex Glassworks is an internet based Flameworked Glass Art Gallery featuring the work of Kenny Talamas, Eli and Tim Mazet, Kaleb Folck, Allison Byrd and more. We are located in the Pacific West coast of Oregon, USA. -the "lampworking capital" of the world!

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Flameworking (aka Lampworking)  is the art of manipulating hot glass with a torch. The glass is melted inches away from the artist's face in a torch that can reach 5,000 degrees F. Because the glass is heated from a cold state there is no need for a crucible and larger kilns, so the studio can be small and built at home.

My name is Kenny Talamas and I'm a full time Flameworker and Vortexologist!


I make my living by selling glass art directly to collectors from all over the world. I started "playing with fire" in 1998 and learned the craft of Flameworked (Lampwork) Glass from Robert Mickelson at the Penland School of Crafts. I am very grateful. 

How the Vortex started:

In 2004 Kenny Talamas and a couple glassblowing friends started Vortex Glassworks. In the beginning we specialized in Dichroic Glass Pendants and Vortex marbles, we made hundreds of glass pendants, marbles and paperweights. Together, we developed our skills and refined our techniques. Over the years we have developed many designs and have shipped thousands of pieces to collectors all over the world. Now the Vortex has grown and is supporting even more artists on their journey to success! We are proud to synergize with Eli and Tim Mazet, Kaleb Folk, Aaron Slater, Allison Byrd, Stephen Boehme, Kimmo, and many more artists to bring you High quality contemporary flameworked glass art.

Your purchase fuels the fire and allow us to continue to be Independent Artists! We believe Life Is Art , so any profits that are made after our bills are paid will be used to support other Artists as well as Organic Food producers and business with sustainable practices as much as possible. 

We use biodegradable shipping materials and/or recycled shipping materials from local businesses.

We are always looking for more artists to add to the Vortex. If you are a Lampwork artist and feel that your work is unique and of high quality please email us through this site.

If you would like to ‘get into glass’ and learn more about becoming a lampworker ( flameworked glass artist ) you can join our on-line apprentice program (free) to learn more and get started.

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Click here to join our 'Collector's Club' (free) to get direct deals and see new work before it goes on-line!