Glass Peace Pilgrim Sculpture Paperweight Meditation Zen Yoga Lampwork Gift Art Mia Shea (ready to ship)

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'Peace Pilgrim' Zen Meditation sculpture figurine

Lampworked (flameworked) with durable Borosilicate Glass
made by Mia Shea

2.2 inches (60mm) tall
1.54 inches (39mm) wide (at the base)

This is a beautiful sculpture by Mia Shea, the newest member of our glass artist team. Mia is a master of the female form in glass.

Her Peace Pilgrim series features a figure in lotus pose meditation with open palms in giving/receiving mudra (gesture). The color glass used is quite mysterious; it changes color from translucent green to translucent peach in different lighting environments.

This sculpture would feel right at home on your alter.

This sculpture is part of a new 'asana' (yoga pose) series that will be available here for a limited time. Each one is unique so this exact color and design may not be available again.

"Glass is a Liquid! and like life it flows. Yoga allows one to feel the flow by practicing stillness. Any practice that brings you closer to The One is Yoga. Your body and this moment is your access point to the All. Hatha Yoga is yoga for the body, but eventually even the body must be transcended. Earth returns to Earth and Fire ascends to Fire. When we find the eternal Light in ourselves, we can recognize it in others and in this way we manifest it in the world" -Kenny

Start your collection today! Signed and dated on the bottom: Mia Shea 2017

KILN ANNEALED overnight for Maximum durability.