Kenny Talamas


I've been "playing with fire" for about 16 years now. I started lampworking (flameworking glass) around 1998 in Florida when there where little resources for glass artists. I learned the craft from a workshop at Penland School of Crafts taught by Robert Mickelsen and I am very grateful. Over the years I have worked with other glass artists and visited many shops to develop my own personal perspective.


I make my living by selling my own glass art, and the glass art of my favorite artists, here at,  as well as on etsy and eBay . You can also find my work in a few galleries across the United States.

 Over the years I have pursued many forms of Art and Music, but once I discovered Flameworked Glass it became a part of me. I painted murals with my family business back in Florida, but that didn’t provide the creative freedom that the “lampworking  lifestyle” could provide. So, I bought a torch, set up a small studio at home and began my journey into the infinite realms of glass.  I moved from Florida to Oregon and built many Glass Studios at Home along the way. I actually call the studio “my space ship” because it allows me to travel through time and space!

As I have grown and changed as a person, so has my work. Back in 2001, I made glass pipes to learn the craft and pay the bills. Then in 2004 I was obsessed with crop circles and sacred geometry and I also loved the intensity and color changing quality of dichroic glass. So, it was only natural to make etched dichroic marbles and pendants.

Photo of crop circle marble

I got a call from a jewelry designer one day, that happened to be from the exact town Allison and I came from in Florida! She requested some nautical pendants and cabochons and that began my journey into glass pendants and jewelry design. She became my best customer for about ten years. That led to opening up my etsy store with the designs that I could re-create.

Photo of aoctopus pendant

I few years ago I met Shawn Tucker, a fellow Oregonian glass artist who makes cute little frogs with detailed mili-eyes. I was inspired and realized the power of adding detailed eyes to my work. Eyes truly are the window to your soul. (Why do cats or even wild animals choose to look at your eyes instead of your feet?)

More photos

Recently, I’ve been making a lot of marbles, focusing mostly on Eye Marbles. There’s something really cool about art that looks back at you! I also make fumed space marbles, galaxy marbles, and all the other designs found on the Etsy store. Today we are proud to offer amazing work from six other artists! Thank you to all the collectors and customers who have supported us along the way. We make glass art, but you make that possible.