Tim Mazet


Tim Mazet is a dedicated glass artist and the primary marble maker at Mazet Studios. He has probably made more vortex style marbles than anyone in the world!

He is a master at the precision of the vortex. The illusion of depth he can achieve is amazing. While some glass artists enjoy creating new items and tire of making the same item over and over, Tim actually enjoys the repetition. He also makes some of our best selling pendants - the Vortex Drop, Spiral and the Light Up, which is his original design.

          He has always had a natural talent for art and has dabbled in drawing, cartooning and tattooing before discovering glass. Almost twenty years ago, his brother Josh helped him set up a work station in his garden shed, teaching him the basics of lamp working. Tim hoped to learn to make a few small items in his spare time to supplement his income. This development sparked the interest of brother Eli and it wasn’t long before all three brothers were making glass. Within 3 years they started the family business Mazet Studios.

          Though he is not shy, Tim is the least known of the brothers because he prefers to avoid travel, events, and any public arena. When he does appear he is often mistaken for Eli!    At home he is recognized as “Dad” to his four children and on Oregon rivers he is well known as an avid fisherman!  

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